Dr Harshil Parekh

Facilities at Department of Hand and Microvascular reconstruction surgeries: Dr Harshil Parekh and team

  • Acute Hand injuries, Machine hand injuries, Door crush injuries in babies, Road traffic accidents, and domestic injuries: Facility available for 24 hours 365 days, well trained staff to receive such emergency and prompt availability of consultant.
  • Nerve injuries: nerve compressions, traumatic nerve injury, nerve tumors, adult and pediatric nerve brachial plexus palsies
  • Complex bony injuries to wrist and finger joints, Cricket ball injuries, complex fracture of small finger joints.
  • Stiff fingers, stiff joint surgeries
  • Deformity correction of Upperlimb, post traumatic deformity correction, post burns deformity corrections, deformity correction in adult and children
  • Congenital Hand problems in babies. Joint-fused fingers, double fingers, absent fingers, giant fingers
  • Microvascular replantation of amputated Finger/ Hand/ upperlimb
  • Flap surgeries for finger tip/ fingers/ hand and upperlimb
  • Microvascular free flap surgeries
  • Specialized wrist surgeries for kienbock’s disease, Scaphoid non union, carpal bone tumour
  • Tendon surgeries for upper limb like tendon transfer, tendon graft, tendon repair
  • Rehabilitation counseling for victims of upper limb major amputation and prosthetic clinic