Dr Harshil Parekh

Restore Hand Clinic

Restore Hand Clinic is a place where you will get dedicated hand surgeon.

Restore hand clinic not only cures from hand problems but it would remain with you till restoration of your previous functions.

Dedicated Hand Surgeon is spending time to treat only Hand Problems; they are focused in particular one region of body and thus how they are expert in Diagnosing Hand Problem at very early stage promptly.

Dedicated Hand Surgeon is skilled to do fine delicate surgery so they are the best in treating Hand problem. Having vast experience in Hand Surgery enables us in decision making between conservative (non-operative) and surgical (operative) management.

Actual benefit after surgery cannot be completed without Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation. Rehab is even sometimes more important in some stubborn chronic hand problems. It has direct relation with social and professional life. Restore Hand clinic has foresight to explain this essential part well in advance during first consultation itself.

“Any Hand problem is unsolved or untreated if patient can not resume his activities”

Restore Hand Clinic will remain with patient till restoration.

Team efforts by Surgeon, Hand therapist, Occupational Therapist and Counselor are key for Restoration.

Education and Qualification:

Dr Harshil Parekh has completed his graduation from M P Shah Medical collage Jamnagar(2005); he completed his Diploma in Orthopedics from JJM medical college, Davangere, Karnataka(2009). He worked as Associate Orthopedic Surgeon at G T Sheth Orthopedic Hospital for 4 years (2009-2013). Meanwhile he was interested to study and learn sub-specialties of Orthopedics. In 2013 there was International conference of Hand Surgery Organized at New Delhi. He had registered simply to know the spectrum of Hand Surgery. He went there and he was surprised to see Hand Surgery as well developed specialty. He has decided to persue Hand Surgery and he contacted Faculties available there from Ganga Hospital. He had been called for interview at Coimbatore –Ganga Hospital. He was selected and offered one year paid fellowship. During that period he was also selected for fellowship at Singapore General Hospital. He has decided to remain in India and learn Hand Surgery especially for Indian population after all he would be planning to serve as hand surgeon at Rajkot, Gujarat.

He has taken extensive and comprehensive training of Hand Surgey from Plastic Surgey department of Ganga Hospital during his tenure of fellowship (2013-2014). He has decided to work as hand surgeon and firm to stop his Orthopedic Practice. It was very bold decision from Dr Harshil Parekh to practice as ‘Dedicated Hand Surgeon’ in 2014 as he was first to start Hand Surgery Clinic. He has started his Hand Surgery practice from Rajkot by ‘Restore Hand Clinic’. He successfully completed two years. In year 2016 four Orthopedic Surgeon from different subspecialty came up with an idea to work together under one roof and provide Orthopedic Subspecialty services for entire Saurastra- Kutch region. Thus how Orthoplus Specialty Hospital is formed and it was of first kind and unique in Gujarat. Dr Harshil Parekh is working as Hand Surgeon at Orthoplus Specialty Hospital since 2016.

Despite of starting professional work and remaining busy amidst patient related responsibilities he has been always remained inclined for academics and education. He has passed European Diploma In Hand Surgery (EDHS) theory examination from Sweden in 2016. Then he passed Practical examination of EDHS from Budapest, Hungary in 2017. He has been awarded as Fellow of European Diploma in Hand Surgery in 2017. He was first surgeon from entire Gujarat with such prestigious and privileged international qualification. At that time there were only 8 doctors with such qualification from whole India and Dr Parekh was one of them (2017). It is really proud moment for Population of Sauratra and Kutch region to have Dr Harshil Parekh available at Orthoplus Specialty Hospital- Rajkot.